Rock or ice climbing:

Private engagement: $ 250 / day

Commitment 2 people $ 125 per day and per person

Commitment 4 people $ 65.00 per day and per person

Mountaineering and ski touring *:

Private engagement: $ 300 / day

Commitment 2 people 150 $ per day and per person

Commitment 4 people $ 75 per day and per person

* These prices may vary depending on the planned race. The commitment, difficulty and distance are taken into account.


See program page.


* The price includes:

- supervision by a qualified mountain guide.
- the provision of a first aid kit

The price does not include:

- your accommodation costs
- drinks and other ancillary costs
- equipment rental

Accommodation and meal costs:

Allow approximately $ 65 / night for lodging in a half-board lodging (this price is indicative).


As a High Mountain Guide member of the AGMA, we benefit from a

insurance covering our professional civil liability

However, we cannot substitute for the civil liability of each


To do this, you must have liability insurance, and

individual accident covering mountain sports. If you don't already have one,

We advise you to take out insurance This type of insurance can be taken out annually with the FQME, ACC, CAC, the French Mountain and Climbing Federation or with the French Alpine Club or any other organization.


After having decided on a program and a date together, our common commitment is materialized by the payment of a deposit corresponding to 30% of the amount of the guide's service. The remaining amount will be paid at the end of the race.


In case of cancellation on your part within 3 weeks of departure, the deposit will not


will not be returned to you. In case of cancellation on our part, this deposit will be

donated or I would be replaced by a colleague.

We will do everything we can to achieve the

program described above. However the weather, the mountain conditions

or the level of the participants can lead me to modify our program

For safety reasons. In this case, no refund is provided.


You must be in sufficient physical condition to participate in the activities. Make
the point with us or with a doctor if you have any doubts. Let us know
medical problem or specific treatment.


We will do everything possible to guarantee you maximum security during
the activity. However, you should be aware that the activities offered
involve objective risks inherent in the practice of the mountain.

You are required to complete the AGMA risk acceptance form.