"Make your mark, follow ours"



You want to learn, improve, discover or travel to the peaks of your dreams, do not hesitate to contact me so that we can talk about your projects and together we determine a race at your level, taking into account your desires.


Come and share the pleasure of being in the high mountains to climb rock or ice faces, the beautiful snow ridges that will lead us from the summits of North America to the beautiful mountains of old Europe.


backcountry ski

Ski touring is synonymous with freedom. Make your mark in the snow, climb snow-covered slopes and then descend virgin slopes. Travel long crossings independently, together we will discover this winter mountain where nature is numb and silence is king.


From the initiation outing to the ski raid, together we will trace a tailor-made route.

Rock climbing


Whether you want to climb a cliff equipped with a climbing school or an adventure playground, we offer advice and help you progress safely on the most beautiful cliffs.

Climbing is trying to be balanced on the rock to gain self-confidence. We will teach you the techniques of safety, belaying.
Climbing is a good time to share with friends and family.

Ice climbing

United States, Europe, Canada, come and discover this crystalline and ephemeral world.

Full-fledged activity and spectacular practice, it is also access to winter mountaineering.

Private or group outing, initiation or improvement during the day or during a course, we will always find the best waterfall spot to satisfy you




We organize in small groups, for quality and safety reasons, expeditions to the four corners of the world.

One guide for three is our rule.

From a fourth person we will be two guides.

These expeditions, of a private nature, will make you discover the preparation and the realization of the project on all the facets of the distant voyages. You will not be a simple participant but a full member of the project.